项目背景Project Background

International Competition for Schematic Design of Central Park in Sanya Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City is now open for application.

Sanya Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City is located in the western part of Sanya. It is a key growth pole for Sanya to develop new types of business by industrial transformation, initiate new momentum for economic development, and build a new benchmark for the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port.

Sanya Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City is surrounded by mountains and the sea, with Hainan Ring Expressway (G98) passes underneath. The arterial road network of the city is composed of six horizontal and eight vertical roads. Two spatial sections, Nanfan Science and Technology Zone and Deep-sea Science and Technology Zone, are planned.

In order to implement the ecological civilization construction requirements of the central government, and create an ecological civilization showcase area by combining the endowment of natural resources and historical and cultural characteristics of Sanya Yazhou Bay, it will construct a landscape spine linking the region and serving the whole bay along the scenic belt of the green corridor in Central Park to form an innovative corridor for comprehensive urban services.

This competition is hosted by Sanya Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City Administration, organized by Sanya Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City Development and Construction Co., Ltd., co-organized by Shenzhen Position Spatial Culture Development Co., Ltd..


项目区位 ©有方
Project Location ©POSITION

竞赛目标 Competition Objectives

Central Park is the most important public open space spreading across Sanya Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City. The competition aims to combine the overall planning and urban development demand of Sanya Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City, to make Central Park the spatial framework, connecting urban open space, green space system and urban water system. It will then form a landscape spine linking the region and serving the whole Sanya Yazhou Bay Area and become an innovative corridor for comprehensive urban services.

The design should be original, emphasize tropical features, and highlight the city characteristics combining natural ecology and high-tech elements.

中央公园基地视频 ©有方
Site Video of Central Park ©POSITION

项目概况Project Overview

Sanya, located in the southernmost part of Hainan, China, is a tropical coastal city at the 18-degree north latitude. Sanya Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City is in the west of Sanya, with a planned area of 26.1 square kilometers.


设计及实施范围、统筹协调范围示意图 ©有方
Diagram of Design and Implementation of Central Park, Integration and Coordination Scope ©POSITION

Central Park is positioned as a comprehensive urban park. It is the east-west public space axis and ecological corridor in the master plan of Sanya Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City. Central Park is an important spatial element for shaping the overall layout and features of Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City. Central Park will become a spine linking Sanya Downtown and Science and Technology City from east to west and form a north-south green corridor ecological system connecting to the ocean. It also creates a dynamic urban spatial interface of pleasant scale and a diversified, integrated and shared urban public space.

Design and implementation Scope: The total area is about 54.38 hectares (including water body area of about 5.05 hectares) and the total length is about 4.4 kilometers.

Integration and Coordination Scope: In addition to the design and implementation scope mentioned above, the integration and coordination scope also covers the area of one block along the southwest and northeast sides of Central Park, including Bougainvillea Park, Sports Park for Citizens, and Sanya Huandao Experimental Middle School, etc. The design should coordinate with the green space system and urban interface of Sanya Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City within the scope to ensure the coordination and consistency of urban space and interface, and emphasize the integrity and accessibility of the overall urban green space system and scenic street system.

中央公园全景(于中央公园上方相对地面约120米拍摄) ©有方
Panorama of Central Park (Taken at an altitude of about 120 meters above ground) © POSITION

中央公园全景(于中央公园上方相对地面约120米拍摄) ©有方 Panorama of Central Park (Taken at an altitude of about 120 meters above ground) © POSITION

中央公园全景(于中央公园上方相对地面约115米拍摄) ©有方 Panorama of Central Park (Taken at an altitude of about 115 meters above ground) © POSITION

中央公园全景(于中央公园上方相对地面约100米拍摄) ©有方 Panorama of Central Park (Taken at an altitude of about 100 meters above ground) © POSITION

中央公园全景(于中央公园上方相对地面约100米拍摄) ©有方 Panorama of Central Park (Taken at an altitude of about 100 meters above ground) © POSITION

中央公园全景(于中央公园上方相对地面约100米拍摄) ©有方 Panorama of Central Park (Taken at an altitude of about 100 meters above ground) ©POSITION


周边建筑项目分布图 ©有方
Location of Surrounding Projects ©POSITION


中央公园东南端及周边现状 ©有方
Current Condition of the Southeast End of Central Park ©POSITION


中央公园核心区及周边现状 ©有方
Current Condition of Central Park Core Area ©POSITION


中央公园核心区西南侧道路及周边现状 ©有方
Current Condition of the Road on the Southwest Side of Central Park Core Area ©POSITION

竞赛规则Competition Rules

The competition adopts the method of open solicitation, divided into Pre-qualification Phase, Design Competition Phase and Final Approval Phase.


Pre-qualification Phase

Pre-qualification Review Committee shall review application materials submitted by the participating teams including the concept proposal, experience of the chief designer and the team, and comprehensively determine 5 shortlisted proposals without ranking to enter the next phase by registered voting. 2 alternatives with ranking will also be determined.

Design Competition Phase

The shortlisted teams submit complete conceptual design according to relevant requirements. Only 1 design for each team (consortium) shall be submitted. Scheme Review Committee shall evaluate the design schemes anonymously, then determine ranking of the 1st, 2nd places, and 3 unranked Excellence Awards teams by registered voting.

Final Approval Phase

The host shall make final examination of the results given by the Scheme Review Committee. In principle, if there are no other special circumstances such as excessive project cost exceeding the budget, the 1st place selected by the Scheme Review Committee shall be the Winner. The 2nd team will receive the Second Prize, and the other three will receive the Excellence Awards.

The competition results will be announced on project homepage and other platforms after confirmation by the host, for 3 working days.

报名要求Application Requirements

1. 申请人须是国内外合法注册的独立法人企业或机构;法定代表人为同一个人的两个及两个以上法人、母公司、全资子公司及其控股公司,视为同一申请人,不可同时报名。
Applicants must be domestic or overseas legally registered companies or organizations. Two or more legal persons, parent companies, wholly-owned subsidiaries and their holding companies with the same legal representative shall be regarded as the same applicant and shall not apply for the competition at the same time.

2. 报名不设资质要求。鼓励设计团队融合景观设计、建筑设计、定位策划等不同经验的专业人员。
There is no qualification requirement. Design teams composed of professionals in landscape design, architectural design, positioning strategy are encouraged.

3. 接受联合体参赛,联合体成员数量不超过3家(即1个牵头方+2个成员方)。联合体各方需签署具有法律效力的《联合体协议》,并明确牵头单位、各方工作内容及工作量分配等。联合体各方不得再单独或以其他名义与其他企业或机构组成其他联合体报名。
Consortium is accepted, with no more than 3 members (1 leading member + 2 members). Consortium members shall sign the Consortium Agreement legally and specify the leading member and work distribution. Each member in the consortium shall not apply for the competition alone or participate in another consortium in other names with other enterprises or institutions.

4. 境外企业或机构如在中国境内无分支办公室或在职员工的,必须与境内设计机构组成联合体参加本次国际竞赛。
Foreign enterprises or institutions that do not have branches or staff in China must form a consortium with domestic design institutions to participate in the international competition.

5. 不接受个人或个人组合的报名。
Individual or team of individuals are not accepted.

6. 参与本次国际竞赛的设计人员应为其所属设计机构的在册人员,主创设计师须由主持过多个同类型项目的设计师担任,且必须真正负责本项目,参与本次国际竞赛全过程,包括但不限于踏勘答疑会及方案汇报等(含视频会议)。如在本次国际竞赛过程中,发现主创设计师与报名材料所提交人员不符,主办方有权取消其参赛资格。为保证设计人员对本次国际竞赛背景和相关要求有准确理解,主要设计人员中应至少有一名以汉语为母语的成员。
Designers participating in this international competition should be the registered staff of the application company. The chief designer should be a designer who has led several projects of the same type and must be truly responsible for the project. The chief designer should participate in the whole process of this international competition including but not limited to the site visit, Q&A sessions and scheme reporting (including video conference). If it is found that the chief designer does not match with the person submitted in the application materials during the international competition, the host has the right to cancel the qualification. In order to ensure that the designers have an accurate understanding of the background and relevant requirements of this international competition, at least one of the main designers should be a native Chinese speaker.

奖金及后续工作要求Bonus & Follow-up Work

1. 一等奖1名,240万元人民币(含税),并负责后续方案深化工作;
2. 二等奖1名,180万元人民币(含税);
3. 优秀奖3名,各100万元人民币(含税)。
For each applicant (including consortium) that is pre-qualified, if the deliverables are recognized by the Scheme Review Committee as meeting the design requirements of the competition, they will be awarded of corresponding bonus (tax inclusive) as follows:
1. The Winner, will be awarded of RMB 2.4 million (tax inclusive), and be responsible for follow-up schematic design work;
2. The Second Prize, will be awarded of RMB 1.8 million (tax inclusive);
3. The 3 Excellence Awards, will each be awarded of RMB 1 million (tax inclusive).

The winner (including consortium) shall further optimize its scheme, and will receive additional design fee if the schematic design is reviewed and approved by Sanya Territorial Space Planning Committee (see below for details).

Content of Follow-up Work

Follow-up work includes but is not limited to the following contents:

1. 景观设计:包括设计红线范围内的绿化、活动场地、交通及慢行系统、铺装、坐凳、花池、景墙、栈道、台阶、挡墙、构筑物、各功能广场、运动场地、出入口、停车场、水系及驳岸、喷泉、水池等;绿化植物包含乔木、灌木、地被、时花、草地等设计。
Landscape design: including the design of greenery, activity fields, traffic and slow traffic system, pavement, seating, flower pool, landscape wall, trestle, steps, retaining wall, structures, squares, sports fields, entrances and exits, parking lots, water system and revetment, fountain, pool, etc.; Planting design should include trees, shrubs, ground covers, flowers, grass, etc.

2. 建筑设计:需进一步研究并明确公园内配套建筑的地上、地下建筑功能定位及指标。深化设计内容包括总图设计、建筑单体设计、交通组织、建筑与环境融合设计、与其他构筑物连接方式等。
Architectural design: It needs further study to clarify the functional positioning and indicators of above-ground and underground buildings in the park. The content of design includes master planning, building design, transportation organization, integration design of architecture and landscape environment, and connection with other structures, etc.

3. 专项设计:包括泛光照明专项设计、水系统及海绵城市专篇设计、标识设计、城市家具、雕塑专项设计及水景专项设计等内容。
Special design: including floodlight lighting design, water system and sponge city specialized design, signage system design, urban furniture, sculpture design and waterscape design, etc.

4. 投资估算。
Construction cost estimation.

Design Fee of Follow-up Work

The design fee of follow-up work will be settled according to the construction and installation fee approved by the project estimate, and the calculation rules are as follows:

The basic design fee of the project is calculated according to the "Engineering Survey and Design Charge Standard" (price [2002] No.10) formulated by the State Development Planning Commission and the Ministry of Construction. This project is calculated as grade III standard of landscape engineering and Grade III standard of architecture and outdoor engineering. The total landscape and architectural basic design fee of the project is calculated with the coefficient of specialty as 1.1, the coefficient of engineering complexity as 1.15, and the additional adjustment coefficient as 1.

The design fee of follow-up work is: the sum of 30% of the total landscape basic design fee and 20% of the total architectural basic design fee, minus the amount of bonus already obtained (RMB 2.4 million). The actual contract signed by the winner (consortium) and the Organizer shall prevail.

报名方式Application Procedure

Applicants must submit email application and paper application before the deadline. Those who fail to submit email application or paper application will be regarded as invalid application. Please refer to Work Rules for details.

Email Application

The applicant should send the scanned Application Letter (PDF) to the email address before 17:00, June 17, 2022, UTC+8. Email: research@archiposition.com

Paper Document Submission

The applicant must ensure that the package arrives at the designated place before the deadline. Paper documents can be submitted on site or by mail. Deadline: before 17:00, June 25, 2022, UTC+8. Late arrival materials will not be accepted.

Content of Pre-qualification Application

Design teams shall submit application materials according to the requirements of the Work Rules and the Design Brief. Each project corresponds to one set of independent and complete pre-qualification application, which includes company profile and credit files, concept proposal. Both paper documents and electronic documents are required. If the application documents are incomplete, they will not be reviewed. Please refer to Work Rules for details.

Only 1 design for each team (consortium) shall be submitted.

1. 概念提案文本为A3横版、图文排版设计文本,单面彩色打印不超过10页(不含封面、扉页及封底)。内容建议:
(1) 提案名称及总体概念;
(2) 场地分析图;
(3) 总体功能策划及平面布局图;
(4) 景观重要节点的概念草案(概念意向表现图);
(5) 统筹协调范围内中央公园与周边的衔接方案;
(6) 能表达方案特点的其他内容。
1. The Concept Proposal Portfolio shall be an A3 horizontal book of no more than 10 single-sided color-print pages (excluding the cover, title page and back cover). Content is suggested as follow:
(1) Proposal name and design concept;
(2) Site analysis diagrams;
(3) Overall functional planning and masterplan layout;
(4) Conceptual draft of important landscape nodes (conceptual intention diagram);
(5) Connection planning with surrounding areas in the integration and coordination scope;
(6) Other contents that can express the characteristics of the proposal.

2. 概念提案展板为A1竖版,1套2张。内容应至少包含总体概念平面图。
2. Presentation boards should be A1 vertical layout, 1 set of 2 boards. Content must include the conceptual plan of Central Park.


The shortlisted teams should participate in site visit. Any personnel coming to Sanya should meet epidemic prevention requirements in Hainan Province and Sanya. The schedule might be adjusted according to the epidemic situations and subject to the follow-up notice. All time listed below is UTC+8.


答疑补遗Addendum and Q&A

International Competition for Schematic Design of Central Park inSanya Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City, has released important addendum and Q&A. Please visit the link below and download complete documents and attachments.

下载链接 Downloading Link:

资格预审结果Pre-Qualification Results








评审结果Competition Results






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